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Pressure Switches, Solenoid Valves and Multiblocks

Dungs is one of the world's leading manufacturer of Switches, Valves And Multiblocks. These components are used for pressure regulation shutoff and control of gas. We design and supply complete gas control station to for safe and efficient operation of the system.

Dungs Gas Solenoid Valve & Multibock

Dungs Gas Solenoid Valve & Multibock
Dungs Gas Solenoid Valve and Multiblock


Combustion & control systems, Mumbai is specialized in offering Dungs Gas Solenoid Valves and Multiblocks to our clients. Our range is available in different specifications to suit the clients requirements. These are available in various specifications based on the requirement of the clients. These valves are available with accurate dimensions and provide excellent performance. These are available to our customers at normal price.


We have following Items in our stock.


  • Burner Management Systems Automatic Burner Controls

  • Pressure regulators Pressure switches for gas and air

  • Solenoid valves

  • Double solenoid valves Multi Block.

  • Gas MultiBloc® Multifunctional gas controls

  • Valve proving systems Line leakage testers – Laboratory

  • System engineering Gas trains

  • Ball valve Filters

  • Motor butterfly valves & Actuators

  • Accessories

Dungs Make Air And Gas Pressure Switches

Dungs Make Air And Gas Pressure Switches
Approx. Rs 2,500 / Piece(s) Onwards

Dungs is one of the world's leading manufacturer of gas train components. These components are used for pressure regulation, shutoff and control of gas. We design and supply complete gas control station to for safe and efficient operation of the system. The various components are listed below Ball valves, Gas filters GF, Pressure regulator FRS/R 101, Slam shutoff valves S 100, Safety relief valves SL10, Gas/Air Pressure Switches GW/LGW, Single Solenoid Valve MVD, Double Solenoid Valve DMVD, Gas Multibloc MBDLE, Valve Proving System VPS, Burner Management systems, Pressure/ Temperature/ Oxygen sensors, Manometers.

Dungs Gas Solenoid Valves

Dungs Gas Solenoid Valves
Approx. Rs 2,000 / Piece(s) Onwards
Dungs Single Stage Gas Solenoid Valves:

  • MVD 203/ 5, 2, MVD 205/ 5, MVD 207/ 5, MVD 210/ 5, MVD 215/ 5, MVD 220/ 5, MVD 225/ 5, 
  • MVDLE 203/205, 207/ 210/ 215/ 215/ 220/ 225
  • MVDELE 503/5, MVDELE 505/5, MVDELE 507/5, 
  • MVDELE 510/ 5, MVDELE 515/ 5 ETC.
  • DUNGS GAS MULTIBLOCK (USED IN 2 STAGE BURNERS) MODELS: MB-DLE403/MB-DLE 405 B01 S20, MB-DLE 407 B01 S50, MB-DLE 410 B01 S20, MB-DLE 412 B01 S50, MB-ZRDLE 405 B01 S20, MB-ZRDLE 407 B01 S20, MB-DLE 410 B01 S50, MB-DLE 412 B01 S20 ETC.
  • DMV-D 503/11, DMV-D 507/11, DMV-D 512/11, DMV-D 520/11, DMV-D 525/11, DMV-D 5040/11,
  • DMV-DLE 503/11, DMV-DLE 507/11, DMV-DLE 512/11, DMV-DLE 520/11, DMV-DLE 525/11, DMV-DLE 5040/11, ETC.
  • MV 2125, MV 2125/5, MV 2150, MV 2150/5, MV 2200, MV 5125/5, MV 5150/5, MVD 2025/5, MVD 203/5, MVD 2065/5, MVD 4040/5, MVD 405/5, MVD 410/5, MVD 415/5, MVD 420/5, MVD 505/5 ETC.

Dungs Gas Regulators FRS Series

Dungs Gas Regulators FRS Series
Dungs Pressure Regulators FRS Series Models:

FRS 503, FRS 505, FRS 507, FRS 510, FRS 515, FRS 520, FRS 5040, FRS 5050, FRS 5065, FRS 5080, FRS 5125, dungs make extra sprigs available etc.

Dungs Gas Filters

Dungs Gas Filters
Approx. Rs 1,300 / Piece(s) Onwards
Dungs Gas Filter Gf Series Models:

GF 505/1, GF 507/1, GF 510/1, GF 515/1, GF 520/1, ETC.

Dungs Make Spare Solenoid Coils For Valves

Dungs Make Spare Solenoid Coils For Valves
Approx. Rs 400 / Piece(s) Onwards
Dungs Make Spare Solenoid Coils For Valves

  • MV 2125
  • MV 2125/5
  • MV 2150
  • MV 2150/5
  • MV 2200
  • MV 5125/5
  • MV 5150/5
  • MVD 2025/5
  • MVD 203/5
  • MVD 2065/5
  • MVD 4040/5
  • MVD 405/5
  • MVD 410/5
  • MVD 415/5
  • MVD 420/5
  • MVD 505/5 ETC.

Dungs Multiblock Mbdle

Dungs Multiblock Mbdle
Approx. Rs 15,000.00 / UNITS
Combustion & control systems, Mumbai offering complete solution for burners/ boilers and other heating equipments. We are importer and stockist for dungs gas burner parts.

Dungs Gas Controls, Filters And Gas Trains

Dungs Gas Controls, Filters And Gas Trains
Dungs gas controls, gas filters, gas trains, ball valve for gases, solenoid valves for gas. Combustion and control systems, Mumbai is one of the best source for boiler and burner spare parts.

Dungs combustion control Established in Germany in 1945, Dungs is an expert in the field of safety and combustion control technology and an important partner to the burner, heating, air conditioning and process heat industry offering top quality technological products.

  • Ball valves

  • Gas filters up to 16 bar.

  • Pressure switches for air, gas and flue gas for positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure.

  • Gas pressure regulators, slam shut off valves and safety blow off valves.

  • Ratio regulators, zero governors and constant pressure regulators.

  • Valve proving systems for combustible gases and hydrogen.

  • Single solenoid valves, fast and slow opening with flow adjustment and solenoid valves for pulse firing.

  • Multiblock valves with pressure regulation with and without ratio regulation.

  • Double solenoid valves and low power consumption eco version valves.

  • Motorised actuators and Linear flow control valves.

  • Burner controllers and flame monitors.

  • Pneumatic operated Single and double Butterfly valves for pressures up to 5.0 bar.

  • Bourdon and Capsule type pressure gauges for gas.

  • Special solenoid valves and pressure switches for Bio gas and Sewage gas with TÜV approval.

  • Special products with ATEX approval.

  • Complete assembled gas trains to customer specifications for various applications including gas engines.

  • Gas meters.

Dungs Air And Gas Pressure Switch

Dungs Air And Gas Pressure Switch

Combustion and control systems Mumbai, Masters for your combustion needs, we are importer and suppliers of imported and Indian burners and spare parts. We keep air and gas pressure switches by karl dungs.

We have following models in our stock:

  • Dungs air pressure switch LGW3A1
  • Dungs air pressure switch LGW3A2
  • Dungs air pressure switch LGW3A2P
  • Dungs air pressure switch LGW10A2 
  • Dungs air pressure switch LGW10A2P
  • Dungs air pressure switch LGW50A2
  • Dungs air pressure switch LGW50A2P
  • Dungs air pressure switch LGW150A2
  • Dungs pressure switch GW3A5
  • Dungs pressure switch GW10A5
  • Dungs pressure switch GW50A5
  • Dungs pressure switch GW150A5
  • Dungs pressure switch GW500A5
  • Dungs pressure switch GW3A6
  • Dungs pressure switch GW10A6
  • Dungs pressure switch GW50A6
  • Dungs pressure switch GW150A6
  • Dungs pressure switch GW500A6
  • Dungs pressure switch LGW3A4
  • Dungs pressure switch LGW10A4
  • Dungs pressure switch LGW50A4
  • Dungs pressure switch LGW150A4
  • Dungs pressure switch UB50A4
  • Dungs pressure switch UB150A4
  • Dungs pressure switch UB500A4

Mobrey Air Break Switch

Mobrey Air Break Switch
Approx. Rs 650.00 / UNITS
We offer high quality mobrey air break switch.


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